Monday, April 24, 2006


Last week was the big bloodbath at the George W. Bush White House. Among others, Press Secretary Scott McClellan got the boot and took the fall for all the White House's problems.

I had thought that being a White House press secretary would be a cool job to have. I guess not, you get a lot of flack and take the blame for the decisions that get made on high. Like---- going into Iraq. Scott McClellan didn't make that decision, but he takes the blame anyway for the low approval ratings. It's too bad. You know, we had a similar shakeup up here in Canada and it always sucks when people walk the plank. I can sympathise, because I worked on political campaigns as part of the press team on more than one occasion. The press secretary's job is a thankless job for the most part, with long hours and a lot of grief. I can tell you that a lot of things are beyond their control, a lot of real decisions get made by other people. Having people above them who know what they're doing sure helps a lot. It would be much easier to be the speechwriter than the press secretary, at least they get some credit for making the good speeches. But press secretaries have to face the media all the freaking time and take all the heat. Anyway, Scott McClellan has walked the plank.

Read an article in the Huffington Post by lawyer-in-exile Rachel Sklar speculating on who the replacement is going to be. A lot of people think it could be Tony Snow, the Fox News talking head and political host. But Sklar thinks it could be 34-year-old Harvard Business School grad Dan Senor, who used to work as an aide for Spencer Abraham. He now works as a strategy consultant in D.C. and recently got married to NBC News correspondent Campbell Brown. Sklar is taking a lot of flack(!) because she happens to know the guy, claims she went to college with him and actually had nice things to say about him. It turns out Dan Senor did his undergrad at the University of Western Ontario.

Western?! Hey, this is impressive, a Western grad in the White House. Maybe. (Did Rachel Sklar go to Western too?) Why did he go there, I want to know. Was he a local?

Wow, a Western grad up for a job in the White House. This is bound to raise us Western people up a notch.

What bugs me is that the other place I went to, the University of Saskatchewan, never has any of its alumni going on to marry beautiful NBC News correspondents like Campbell Brown, or writing screenplays in Hollywood, or doing movie reviews in San Francisco, or anchoring the news anywhere important. They all go on to lead completely boring lives, for the most part, usually in Alberta. There's no reason at all for this, because the U of S gives you a completely good education. But the problem is they have no decent alumni network, so your life is ruined after you leave! This was why I went to Western- to make up for the fact that I went to the U of S! So that I could still have a chance to live in a big famous city like New York or LA, or Washington D.C.! Anyway, enough about Dan Senor.

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