Thursday, April 06, 2006



It's official. Meredith Vieira is leaving The View to replace Katie Couric at NBC and co-host The Today Show with Matt Lauer. Rumored deal is for five years and worth 10 million cool ones.

In a related development Campbell Brown is quitting NBC in disgust to go to Fox News, and Natalie Morales is quitting to join CNN.

Actually, I'm just kidding. Or maybe I'm getting a jump on the other news organizations in reporting where Campbell Brown might go. She actually got married this week to a Fox News analyst Dan Senor, a noted Republican. Which is interesting because Campbell Brown is supposedly a Democrat from a Democratic political family in Louisiana. Anyway, she and Natalie Morales probably are crying in their beer over being passed over in favor of this goofy The View woman. Life is not fair in television news.

The conservative bloggers are supposed to be outraged now because Vieira marched in some anti-war protest two years ago. Well, there you go. Anyhow, The View needs a new host. Maybe Campbell Brown is interested in that job, or Natalie Morales. Actually, the name I heard mentioned was E.D. Hill of Fox News. She might go to The View, and one of these two babes replaces her at Fox and Friends. Anyway, the agents are having fun. I want to be an agent in TV news!


I notice that a lot of people are blasting Katie's decision to go to the CBS Evening News and saying what a big disaster this is, and polls are showing that people want her to stay in the mornings and that people think she doesn't have the heft to be the anchor of a nightly newscast. People are moaning that they are giving the managing editor's job not to a "real newsperson" but to a "personality", a "star". They are complaining on one website that there were plenty of people at CBS News already who could have done a capable job as anchor. They had John Roberts, for example, but passed over him and he left for CNN. And frankly, Bob Schieffer was doing great as anchor of the CBS Evening News. There was no need to get someone else!

But Bob says he wants to retire. Too bad.

I think the complainers have a point. CBS News had plenty of people to choose from, but they didn't build up their own staff. Ironically, they're starting to do that now, and build up their own in-house "stars". Too bad they didn't do that earlier. They could have saved themselves a lot of cash, the type of cash going straight into Katie Couric's fat wallet.

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