Saturday, April 08, 2006


Got fed up watching sports on TV all the time and decided to go to a movie.

Saw the flick Thank You for Smoking, which had all the elements that I usually like: politics, Hollywood, the media, and of course lobbyists. I liked this movie a lot.

I'll talk about the movie later but thought I'd post a movie review on this flick from James Rocchi at CBS 5 San Francisco. Uh, yes, fellow Westerners, it is indeed THAT James Rocchi, of CHRW fame.

And yes, this was the movie that was supposed to have had that infamous Katie Holmes sex scene in it, but these incompetents lost the reel. Or Tom Cruise had the scene nixed. Or something. Anyway, it's under investigation.

P.S.: For those wondering, I have added Rocchi's weblog and also Rotten Tomatoes and Roger Ebert to the links under H'Wood.

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