Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, NBC has been renewing a bunch of shows like E.R. and Las Vegas and Medium, and of course the 3 Law and Orders.

This last bit of news is good news for the fans like myself, but it sure looks like the writing is on the wall. This next season with be number 17 for Law and Order and it sure looks as if the show is running out of gas. They are still hoping to get four more years and beat Gunsmoke's record, but it sure looks as if Matt Dillon and the gang have little to worry about right now. The ratings have fallen; I read that the show fell as low as a 3.0 rating on NBC. Up here in Canada, CTV has banished the show in disgrace to Friday nights, to make room for the more popular CSI franchise on Wednesdays. In recent weeks it even had to go up against another Dick Wolf show, Conviction, on Global. So the speculation is on that Jack McCoy and crew aren't long for this world.

In other cast change news, actress Annie Parisse has quit the show- she was the ADA on the show. The cast changes have been getting ridiculous, but I think people over there at Law and Order realize this show is in some trouble and they need to make changes to try and turn things around.

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