Monday, April 17, 2006


Well there's been a total lack of hard news coverage here at the CAIRNS BLOG in recent days.

I ought to get back to covering some news this week. Real news, that is, not this Katie Couric bulloney. Things are starting to happen with the Liberal leadership race, plus, there's been stuff happening around the world. The ENRON trial continues with Jeff Skilling on the stand; the Iranians are threatening to go nuclear; the Israelis are getting blown up again by these Palestinians; and the Taliban continues to threaten people in Afghanistan. Plus the situation in Iraq is still a mess. All in all, it's a sad situation for the entire world with all the trouble out there.

And the Toronto Maple Leafs have missed the playoffs. Tampa Bay won in overtime over the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday, so the Maple Leafs are out. Couldn't happen to a better group of fans, these Maple Leaf supporters. I know they have gone crazy with depression over no Stanley Cups for just about 40 years now, but they really have to find a way to voice their displeasure at the box office. They ought to do what they've done to the Toronto Blue Jays, and to a lesser extent, the Raptors. They should just stay home and refuse to pay for these hundred-dollar tickets for Leaf games. But they are too hooked on the Leafs. They aren't hockey fans, they don't care about the Toronto Marlies. The Marlies are going to be in the playoffs but nobody cares about them. This isn't a hockey town; it's a Maple Leafs town. Period.

Anyway I am looking forward to the Stanley Cup playoffs at the end of the week. It will be very weird in this town, with a lack of Leafs in the playoffs and lack of that accompanying excitement. But then again, the World Cup is coming this year, too, with all these people waving their nation's flags from their cars around town. So we'll get some excitement in Toronto, eventually, just not during the Stanley Cup. I say if you can't be in Germany there's no better place in the world to be than Toronto during the World Cup, because of the mix of nationalities. Everyone gets into it here, watching the games on big-screen TVs in Little Italy, Little Protugal, the Danforth, in these English pubs or these other places where the Europeans hang out. Of course, the rest of Canada really doesn't care about soccer or the World Cup much, but that's their problem.


This promises to be a big week in the Liberal leadership race. A number of leadership hopefuls are set to announce this week. The papers are saying Bob Rae is all set to announce a run, and that Maurizio Bevilacqua is set to announce tomorrow. Also expect announcements from Joe Volpe and Scott Brison by week's end. Carolyn Bennett and Ken Dryden are also expected to run; Bennett is supposed to be running on a reform-the-party type of platform so that may appeal to the Belinda supporters. Already in are Gerard Kennedy, Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff, with Martha Hall Findlay having declared but not yet officially registered as a candidate.

To me the Liberal Party sure looks like the Toronto Party. This is ridiculous; virtually every candidate for the leadership of the party is a Toronto or GTA candidate. Maybe this will prove to be good news for Stephane Dion and Scott Brison; they can compete as regional candidates and get a solid bloc of supporters. Then they can make lots of deals on the convention floor. This promises to be a wild convention this December, with all these candidates. Actually, I hope this convention goes five ballots and goes till 2 in the morning. Not because the Liberals would look like a party in chaos or any of those types of reasons that these Tories might hope for. I actually think it would be pretty exciting stuff to see a wild convention with a lot of deals being done, it would be great television. We haven't had conventions like that in a long time.

Back to watching TV for me.

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