Sunday, April 02, 2006


TV Week is reporting that Katie Couric is all set to jump to CBS to be anchor of the CBS Evening News and that the announcement could come this week. Read somewhere that the folks at CBS have even booked the theater for the big press conference.

Who knows, I've heard these rumors of imminent announcements before. We'll see. Keep an eye on the news this week. Also read a wild rumor on TVSpy that she is changing her name to the more serious-sounding Katherine Couric.

In other news, Pamela Anderson hosted the bleeping Junos and had to open her mouth and mention baby seals during the awards show. Don't you hate when politics gets in the way of your favorite entertainment shows on TV? Pam needs to quit politics and get back to doing what she does best: eye candy assignments which allow her to be great looking naked.

And the baseball game is in a big rain delay. Figures.

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