Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I don't often post about radio news in Canada but this has been a big week for the medium so I thought I'd mention some of what's happened.

First, booming Calgary finally has an all-news radio station. It's called 660 News and is obviously a total ripoff of the other Rogers-owned stations, Toronto's 680 News and Vancouver's News 1130. For a long time this was an oldies station, and its signal just booms everywhere. So it's officially safe to move to Calgary now, they have a news station! Check it out, they're streaming live right now.

Now the bad news: these are sad times at Vancouver's CKNW, with one of premier news/talk operations in the country. Anyway, they canned 12 people in a big newsroom bloodbath. Not good news. Furthermore, their sports department has taken a big hit in recent weeks. Three weeks ago these guys lost the rights to the Vancouver Canucks, to The Team 1040. This is a pretty big move for a team that has associated itself with CKNW from the beginning of its franchise. Actually, this move should be good news for the fans out West. The signal for CKNW wasn't all that hot past the Rocky Mountains. You'll actually stand a chance of hearing a Canucks games now in the province of Saskatchewan, for instance. At least you can hear The Team 1040.

That's it for now.

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