Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well, the ratings are in for the first installment of Celebrity Cooking Showdown. This reality-cooking-contest ripoff of these Dancing with the Stars/Skating with Celebrities/American Idol shows has already crashed and burned: fourth place on NBC at nine PM. I read that even Supernanny beat it--- a sure sign your show is a big flop.

The really bad news is that NBC has no choice but to show this complete train wreck for the rest of the week. They were going to make this a week-long event! Now they're stuck with a week-long dud! NBC will be taking a beating all week. And I'm surprised because cooking was supposed to be the big craze, what with Emeril and Rachael Ray and all these people on TV.

We should all have known this was going to happen, though, since Alan Thicke is the host. When has he ever been on a hit show or something that was any good? There was Growing Pains, but that show wasn't good. His involvement with this latest project was a red flag right there.

In other news, Rod Stewart is scheduled to appear on American Idol this week and all I will say about that lousy show is that I still cannot believe this is not only a hit, but the biggest hit show in America today. This show is single-handedly responsible for putting good TV writers in Hollywood out of work across the board.

We see these mediocre renditions of Barry Manilow tunes from these contestants, and the ensuing put-down remarks from the judges (or at least one of the judges). Then we're expected to believe this show is going to crown the next big thing in American popular music after this is over, the biggest star in America. Right. What other celebrity are they going to bring out of the crypt to appear on this show?! Neil Diamond?! I wouldn't be surprised. If this is the future of American music, this show, then the music industry in the USA is in deep trouble.

It's thanks to Simon Cowell and the no-lives people who watch this guy that we are getting all the bad reality TV littering the screens all the time. These development people think imitating his show, and imitating him, is the way to go. So we get all this rubbish on TV, all trying to ape the success of American Idol. And most of these efforts end up being flops.

No wonder people are turning to the Internet and to video games in droves, they can't stand the stuff on TV. What garbage!

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