Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Celebrity Cooking Showdown is turning into one of the biggest train wrecks in television history. Fifth place, 1.1 rating, behind just about everyone except UPN last night. They could have put a Billy Graham Crusade or an infomercial with Tony Robbins in it up against Celeb Cooking and gotten better ratings.

Remember back in 1979, NBC put on this show, Supertrain? That was one of the most notorious flops of all time, and it aired on NBC. Celeb Cooking would kill for Supertrain's ratings right now.

NBC looks desperate right now, an odd position for them to be in. NBC hasn't done badly with developing hit shows. There was a 20-year stretch when they were showing Hill Street Blues, Cheers, LA Law, Seinfeld, Friends, ER--- and a host of others. Their programming executives- Brandon Tartikoff, Warren Littlefield- are legends. This network has a rich history of developing the great shows of TV, the all-time hits. But when it's a miss-- Supertrain, Manimal, Hello Larry! etcetera---- boy is it ever a miss. When the train wrecks at NBC, it wrecks big.

At least these executives were honest last year when they stood up there at their press conference to announce the fall schedule- they basically admitted how badly they were doing and how it was going to take time to turn it around. Unfortunately it looks like it's going to take much more time for NBC to come back after this wreck.

Any show would have done better than this. The Apprentice, which got pre-empted on Monday by this show, would have done better. Donald Trump ought to be invited by NBC executives to personally tell the producers of Celebrity Cooking: you're fired!

UPDATE: CELEB COOKING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. NBC had a cow over the dismal ratings so they actually pulled the show out of Thursday and Friday and ran the finals on Saturday, instead, in the "death" time slot where the networks bury their reruns and other prime-time outcasts. I think FOX had a NASCAR race on or something at that hour. No doubt nobody was watching this show. Bye bye, Alan Thicke!

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