Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Starting tomorrow night the WB 49 in Buffalo (remember, the B stands for Babes!), will have a ten o'clock newscast again. Problem is that it will be not an in -house 'cast, but farmed out from the NBC channel 2 news operation in Buffalo.

This happens a lot in the USA, a lot of these news operations have their main news on the main CBS or NBC station and then they farm out a 10 PM version to the local WB or UPN affiliate.

It's odd that channel 2 is producing a 10 PM newscast again, they used to produce a 10 PM news broadcast for WPXJ PAX Channel 51, but then they shut that down. Maybe the ratings weren't so hot at the other place (nobody watched PAX anyway). Maybe they think it will get better ratings because it will be on a real station that carries a real network like the WB.

Of course, this station the WB 49 is dumping its WB affiliation to join that silly My Network that FOX has dreamed up, so ratings are bound to go into the tank again. Anyway, it's good there's a newscast to watch again on 49, maybe they'll show some sports highlights.

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