Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Donald Trump should thank me. I'm one of the very few regular viewers of The Apprentice he has left.

Check out the ratings for Monday's show and you'll see why. The Apprentice 5 got a rating of 4.1 and got killed by 24 and by both comedy shows over on CBS. The ratings are terrible, and in fact even the Donald is now complaining about the NBC move to Mondays, crying about it in print. At least on Thursdays they were still in second place, even though they were losing to CSI every week.

I don't see any improvement, or any return to Thursdays in sight. Did you watch The Office last week? WHOOOOEEE, what a show.

They had that guy giving a speech and banging his fists on the podium, and giving a speech worthy of Mussolini and these dictators, in front of a convention full of salesmen. I was just doubling over in laughter watching this stuff; I thought it was brilliant television. Oh My God, is that show ever funny.

Steve Carell is a riot. I can't wait to see him in the Get Smart movie they're planning on doing; that ought to be a riot, too. He was also a riot at the Oscars, him and Will Ferrell.

What it comes down to is this: who would you rather watch? Steve Carell, or Brent?! I know some people seem to believe that the show producers are whispering in Trump's ears to keep Brent around as this season's train wreck dead-on-his-feet candidate, this year's Omarosa or Markus. But I don't know why they'd want to do that. He's an insult to our home and native land. Brent is not just an embarrassment to Canada, he's bad television.

That guy would be fired if this was a normal business. But this isn't a normal business, this is a made-up one for TV. Trump chose to spare him the knife, and gave Stacy and Pepi the boot instead. I give Trump credit for this: at least when he fired Stacy he had a really good reason, for a change. She picked the location, and got blasted for picking a terrible location, and location is absolutely critical in real estate. There's no way Stacy could defend herself against accusations like that, if that's what they're thinking. Bill was in the boardroom and he was instrumental in this dismissal, loudly calling for her to be axed. At least they had a logical reason to boot someone out onto the street, for a change.

But you know, I would have given Stacy another chance, because frankly a lot of sales were lost because their team slept in! Pepi should have had them up earlier! He was a terrible leader and the buck ultimately stopped with him, so he should definitely have been booted onto the street. The fact that the team slept in was a big factor in their defeat, more than the location. And I'm not so convinced it was such a bad location, anyway. I think many other factors sabotaged the task.

I don't think location was the reason they lost; the team was sidetracked by Brent. His confrontation with Stacy and finger-pointing was unprofessional to say the least. He took the focus off of what really needed to be accomplished and people were too busy dealing with Brent than with the task. He was a big human-resources problem. Brent's antics were the reason bad decisions got made. People were too busy keeping a lid on Brent as opposed to making smart decisions, and he was dragging down the morale of the team. That's the real reason why they lost, not this "location" bulls#!t.

So instead of removing the cancer of the team in Brent, the goofball Canadian gets to stick around and haunt our TV screens for another week. Now that entire team is screwed. Way to go, Mr. Trump. I was ready to throw a shoe at the TV because of this idiot decision. I think I should boycott this show until Brent is gone, he's absolutely embarrassing to watch.

I gotta say, I'm learning NOTHING about business by watching Trump's show. Absolutely, freaking nothing about business. You're seeing absolute freaks blow up teams every week on the show, you're seeing people screw up. You aren't seeing any real accomplishments. People don't win on this show, they escape losing. And that's why people at home are fed up. You're better off watching CNBC than watching the Trump show, at least you'll learn something about how business leaders operate. Oh, wait a minute: Trump's show also airs on CNBC. Never mind.

Speaking of CNBC, they announced they hired Rebecca of The Apprentice fame to work there. Her title is "associate reporter" and it sounds like she'll be doing a lot of off-air stuff, but she will probably have a chance to get her stories on the air.

This is more proof that losing on Trump's show is better than winning. Rebecca can now become rich and famous in TV land.

Hope they don't offer Brent a job, too, at CNBC. Yecch, what a performance.

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