Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well, you'll be pleased to know that I added another blog about TV news to Fun TV Links. Random Observations on Life, the Universe and Television, good stuff with a lot of screencaps from local news in New York City. Basically it's a visual record of what you see on local TV news in New York. Check it out. It's useful for someone like me who doesn't get to see the local TV news from New York City. The only channel people get access to up here is the WB11. I guess you could tune into New York 1's audio feed; that's about it.

And in a bit of news about New York broadcast personalities, found out that another Canuck, Chris Gailus, recently left WNYW to return to Canada. Again, I wonder: is this because of immigration rules? Maybe. Maybe they miss watching Hockey Night in Canada, that's why they come back.

And Tina Cervasio has left CBS 2 in New York to go to Boston and work for NESN, covering the Red Sox. Actually, CBS 2 has kind of had a bloodbath recently, with lots of people leaving. Television news is a terrible business, lots of people leave for all kinds of reasons, they're fired or they quit. I noticed Cheryl Fiandaca left, that's yet another lawyer in TV news. Though not right now.


Newsblues is free this week, so that's where I found out that Adaora Udoji, formerly of CNN and ABC News, has jumped ship. She is now going to join the bunch of lawyers over at Court TV. (Court TV had a spot to fill as Kimberly Guilfoyle left for Fox News recently.) Some other useless information: Udoji is also married to NBC News reporter Ron Allen.

Does she have her bar card? I don't know. If not, she'll be someone who went to law school who scrapped the whole idea of becoming a lawyer.


I find it amusing that Newsblues has a countdown clock, counting down to the end of Katie's contract with NBC. Presumably we will know soon whether Katie's staying or going to CBS. I heard something about a news blackout until May 1st, some kind of gag order. Meanwhile the speculation continues about who NBC might get to replace Katie on the Today Show. The big rumor is that they're going after Meredith Vieira of The View. That move would make the most sense. Other names in the running are Natalie Morales, Campbell Brown and Ann Curry, though Curry seems a longshot at this point.

Anyway, nothing has happened yet. Maybe Katie is waiting for someone to sweeten their offer. Heck she's already been offered 25 million! She could buy a bunch of houses for that amount of money, fix them all up and resell them, and make a big profit!


Tomorrow is the big provincial byelection day in Ontario and I am urging people who live in Toronto-Danforth electoral district to defeat ex-newscaster Ben Chin, and vote for the Conservative candidate instead. Fat chance the Conservative is going to win, though, this race is between the Liberals and the NDP, and the NDP usually takes this one.

If the Liberals win this seat Chin will become yet another broadcaster turned politician. The other recent one who got elected was Conservative Garth Turner, and you can see what a pain in the neck he's turned out to be for Stephen Harper, Canada's press hating Prime Minister. The media are all mad at Harper for muzzling his ministers and generally not dispensing information to people. All I will say is get used to it, these aren't the leaky Liberals you are dealing with. And Garth Turner is a headache to Harper because he just won't shut up. The press loves this guy.

As for me, I won't be in Toronto-Danforth tomorrow, I'll be in another riding. Expect Byelection Coverage from me tomorrow night after I get home.

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