Sunday, March 12, 2006


One of the most highly-anticipated series returns in TV history happens tonight as The Sopranos returns for its final season- 20 episodes in all, with 12 episodes in a row to begin airing on HBO starting tonight. The final shows will air in 2007.

Meanwhile, in a genius programming move, the CBC serves up Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story. And they wonder why their ratings are so bad.

I plan to tune in to part of this one, anyway, just to see my former home province Mouseland on TV. You know, the one that all the young people have left because of the policies of supporters of Tommy Douglas. But no one at the CBC bothers to mention that.

Thanks to the policies of the "mice" who ran his "Mouseland", the kittens left Saskatchewan for the more prosperous provinces run by the cats. These days we have a federal minority "cat" government, and none of the MPs from Saskatchewan are mice. But I digress.

I don't know how much of this socialist love-in I will be able to take, but it does run two nights. Wonder if these geniuses at the CBC will ever do a bio-pic of William Aberhart, or Ernest Manning! Provide equal time to the "cat" premiers. I doubt it.

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