Thursday, March 23, 2006


I meant to post this link to a Rebecca Dana story in the New York Observer about this whole Larry King nonsense.

Seems that people at the King show were freaking out about losing their jobs and that the producer Wendy Walker Whitworth had to hold a meeting to tell people nothing was going to happen to them. From what I gather people were worried that what happened to Aaron Brown was happening to Larry King.

These are definitely strange times for CNN, what with Fox News going on the air to defend Larry King, and with the Headline News set catching fire on the air over there, and so on. It is fair to say the staff over there feel battered and bruised right now. They're getting killed by Fox News, MSNBC is chomping at their heels, and they're still reeling from the layoffs and firings of the last several years. They closed down CNNfn and CNNSI over there, too. And they've gone after a lot of the non-hard news programming in recent years and thrown a lot of people onto the street. No wonder, then, that people there are so miserable and ready to believe the worst.

The other thing I find bizarre are all these stories about how Nancy Grace could be brought over to replace Larry King. Yet there are lots of these people out there who were calling for King to be fired because he was a tabloid artist. But Nancy Grace is, if anything, an even bigger tabloid artist than Larry King! She talks about this Natalee Holloway case all the time. And her show is all about law and justice. It's not about entertainment or any other subjects. Mind you, Larry King has lots of stuff about law and major trials on his show, so Nancy Grace wouldn't be too much different. But her style is different. Boy, does she ever go after people.

When you think of it, there's really no way to replace Larry King. Think about it. Who out there is doing a Larry King-style show, where the interviewer sits there in the studio, no audience, and just interviews famous guests? I guess Charlie Rose does something similar these days, and Bob Costas did Later for many years, Tom Snyder did his thing late at night, and I think Pat Sajak does something similar over on Fox News---but that's about it. No one in radio does the Larry King thing these days; talk radio has been completely turned over to these political people like Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh. And late-night radio, which was where Larry King ruled for years, has been turned over to people who rant about conspiracy theories and UFOs. What's CNN going to do, bring in Art Bell or someone like that?

If Larry ever goes, Larry's style of show may well go with it. It would be too bad.

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