Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I tuned into David Letterman's show last night and it was another can't miss show for all kinds of reasons, most of them sad ones.

As you know Letterman is a huge racing fan and very involved in the sport with the Rahal-Letterman team in the IRL. Well, the IRL started on the weekend. What ought to have been a happy time of IRL fans quickly turned into a day of death as Letterman team driver Paul Dana slammed into a race car that had hit the wall during practice. The guy who had hit the wall managed to survive, but Dana's car flipped over and he was killed.

So Letterman was on the show last night paying tribute to Paul Dana for a very brief segment, and they showed a picture of Dana, and Dave sure seemed subdued for most of the broadcast last night. I don't know how Dave Letterman could have carried on with the show after what happened. Anyway, he went ahead and did the show. What a trooper.


The guest on last night's Letterman show was the famed naked movie actress Sharon Stone, whose movie Basic Instinct 2 comes out later this week. Stone has been bragging to the press about how raunchy this movie is, and about the acrobatic sex scenes and so on. I'm sure the DVD for this film is going to be filled with stuff that didn't make it into the theatres, it'll be absolutely loaded with sex. Anyway, Sharon seemed in a good mood on the Letterman show, looking actually quite loopy, frankly. She was laughing and giggling.

I gotta say though, I'm a little worried about this movie. I saw the clip of the film that ran on Letterman and I gotta say, if this was the best they could find from this movie then this effort might be a big train wreck. Of course, it took forever for this sequel to get made in the first place. So there could have been production issues, the script could have been assembled by committee, you name it.

Buzz is not good, folks. I went to Rotten Tomatoes and a couple of people who went to the advance screening absolutely trashed the movie, called it one of the worst sequels of all time. My worry is this flick sounds like one of these ripoff Zalman King-style flicks- all sex and no plot, the kind of thing that could run on Citytv on Fridays late at night. I think this film could turn out to be a piece of cinematic garbage, another Showgirls, which would be too bad.

Of course, the original Basic Instinct got panned by a lot of people, too. Personally, I want Basic Instinct 2 to be as good as the first one, because I liked the original and absolutely love Sharon Stone as an actress. She is hot, and this is her most famous role.

I'll let you know if this film is any good.

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