Monday, March 06, 2006


Well, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who thought Jon Stewart was having trouble up there during the Oscar telecast. I guess it's official: Jon Stewart bombed.

In fact, I noticed Stewart skipped his planned appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live post-Oscars show on ABC. He was scheduled to be there, but instead they went with Quentin Tarantino, a sure sign that Stewart wanted to lie low.

Not even being a big liberal helped on this night. I'm convinced, though, that the Oscar host faces the toughest crowd in showbiz. These people in Hollywood are really uptight people and a lot of them are big control freaks. They're in it for their "art", yet they have to deal with these tabloid people trying to find out who they're all shacking up with. Plus, they have to put up with depreciating jokes from total fools like Jon Stewart, Chris Rock and Dave Letterman! I notice when I tune into the David Letterman show that a lot of these Hollywood bigshots act all arrogant and are totally condescending to Letterman and everyone. The guests who seem at ease on Letterman's show are the TV folks, the news anchors, the politicians, the sports athletes, the musical guests, and the stand-up comedians. Everyone but these big Hollywood actors! These movie actors are stiff as all heck. I remember seeing Nicole Kidman on the Letterman show and she seemed totally unhappy to be there, and she's far from the only one.

These folks aren't just out of the mainstream; they think they're above the rabble, period. They need to lighten up, these people. More importantly, they should get rid of their control-freak publicists and get back in touch with the audiences outside of Hollywood again, and reach out to them. Then maybe people will be encouraged to actually go to theaters instead of buying bootleg DVDs to watch at home!

I think this was a case of Jon Stewart being doomed from the start. It's never a good sign when people are criticizing the host and worrying about what he might say or do during a telecast. This was the same thing that happened to Chris Rock. I think part of it stems from the fact that these hosts are not part of the "Hollywood" establishment, they're sort of anti-establishment. They're not big artistes, they're comedians! And in Stewart's case, he's a political comedian and social commentator. He's simply not a part of the Hollywood crowd. This is a clear case of these non-Hollywood hosts getting noses thumbed at them by these uptights in LA, pure and simple.

Stewart did have a good time when Three 6 Mafia won for Best Song, noted they seemed actually excited to win an Academy Award. He was right; they were the highlight of this boring night. Otherwise the crowd, and the show, was dead. Even when Crash won for Best Picture there was a lack of excitement at the Kodak Theater.

Don't blame the host, folks, blame the audience in the room.

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