Sunday, March 05, 2006


Or maybe we should say she "messed up." Because her hideously bad grossout flick Dirty Love won something like four awards at the Razzies, including Worst Movie, Worst Director (John Asher), Worst Screenplay and Worst Actress (Jenny McCarthy).

Dirty Love can arguably take its bow as one of the worst movies ever made and the embarrassing McCarthy can take her rightful place as one of the worst actors, not just actresses, of all time. I watched Ebert and Roeper rip this film to shreds on their show and it made their Ten Worst of the Year list. Even you folks at home could make a better movie than Jenny McCarthy if you tried. I gotta say, I like McCarthy and her goofball schtick she has going, but she absolutely sucks as an actress.

In other news, Tom Cruise got a Razzie for "Most Tiresome Tabloid Target" for his sofa-jumping antics, beating out Britney Spears and all of the Simpson sisters. But Cruise failed to win "Worst Actor" for his terrible performance in War of the Worlds; that dishonor simply could not be denied Rob Schneider of Deuce Bigelow infamy.

You know, these Razzies are proof that it doesn't matter whether a movie is good or not- all that matters is that it gets made, then you can laugh about the movie for all time. Movies can truly live in infamy.

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