Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Tuned in to Ehud Olmert's victory speech on the BBC newscast today; his party didn't exactly sweep to victory but they did beat out Labor, who may wind up being a coalition partner in the next government.

I tuned into Israeli TV coverage on the Internet and saw Benjamin Netanyahu's concession speech at Likud HQ. Likud was the government, but thanks to Ariel Sharon's defection and a few other things, they were absolutely reduced to rubble. I watched Netanyahu speak and had no idea what the heck he was saying. I was wondering whether or not he was resigning as leader, but it turned out he was giving one of these Tommy Douglas-type defiant speeches. As in "I'll lay me down and bleed awhile, and then I'll rise to fight again." Okay, fine, but this was just a terrible defeat for that party.

Now we'll see whether the new peace-minded Kadima government will be able to get a peace deal with the Palestinians, now led by (ugh) Hamas. Unfortunately, the prospects of peace seem aptly summed up by the famous last words fat chance.

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