Sunday, March 12, 2006


I have been rummaging around on the Web looking for assorted legal information and other stuff, and I came across this interesting blog about the Enron trial going on down in Houston.

Anyway, check it out. I love reading these blogs about trials and frankly I think it's great stuff for the fans. This is the way trial coverage ought to be done- by the blog. Heck, the cameras aren't even allowed in most of these courtrooms! You might as well blog about it!

This is something I should definitely consider doing, blogging about trials. I'm still looking around for ideas about how to get rich off of blogging and this could be my ticket to fame and riches. Could vault me past Greta and, um, Diane Dimond.

Some people even think I'm running a "blawg" right now, with my previous coverage of the Jacko and Robert Blake trials. Anyway, I haven't bothered with the Enron trial, and as for Saddam Hussein, I've pretty much ignored that trial, too. They keep on changing lawyers and judges. I haven't been paying much attention.

Also noticed that Court TV's Extra streaming trial service has taken to providing live coverage of arraignment hearings in Las Vegas. Talk about riveting television. Makes you wonder why I bother paying for this usually excellent service. If there's one thing more boring than watching trials on TV, it's watching arraignments from Vegas! I suppose they're covering these sorts of things because of all the interest in Las Vegas, poker and gambling, and in the show CSI, which is set in Vegas. But it doesn't matter where these things take place. They could show arraignments from Miami for all I care, and it would be just as pathetic. (They can't show them from New York, anyway, because they kicked all the cameras out of the courtrooms there.)

Speaking of Vegas, there was a NASCAR race today down there. And the F1 season is back, too. So I'm doubly happy. But who cares about arraignments. It's a sure sign they're running out of good trials to cover if this is what they have to resort to at Court TV. This reeks of desperation. Yecch.

Finally, for laughs I direct you to TVHeads and their headshots of these TV legal analysts that appear on the legal TV shows hosted by the likes of Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace. If you scroll down you'll see the name Stacy Schneider, who is a public defender in New York City. What's interesting about her is that she is the very same Stacy who was fired last week by Donald Trump on his show! Stacy is clearly trying to strike it rich in TV land.

(I notice that Raj from season two of The Apprentice is running for Congress now. No joke.)

Noticed also that criminal defense attorney Michelle Suskauer's law firm site brags about all her TV appearances and also hosts video of her appearances. Check it out. Why is it that these American lawyers all look so rich and telegenic, while Canadian lawyers are these haggard-looking types who look like wrecks? Maybe it's the weather, or the money. Probably both.

That's it for now.

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