Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well, the rascals over at Fox News have jumped on the bandwagon with their own story that Diane Sawyer is about to be named the new anchor of World News Tonight. Well, they're claiming it's a done deal, and that Sawyer's active campaigning for the job is finally going to pay off.

Now this could all be speculation but a lot of stories have been circulating in the press lately that Sawyer was going to take over there. The newscast, sadly, is in chaos again, with Bob Woodruff still in the hospital recovering from his injuries and with Elizabeth Vargas announcing she's pregnant. Fox News is saying in its story that it's unlikely Woodruff is going to ever be back, which is sad. This is in spite of the reports coming out this week that Woodruff is able to walk and talk again in the hospital.

Moreover, I get the impression that the brass at ABC News are singularly unimpressed with Vargas as anchor. I think they had this big dream of making this newscast the showcase of the next generation of ABC News stars, globetrotting around the world, but that plan is all up in smoke with Woodruff's injuries. And it is so obvious Vargas can't carry this newscast all by herself, so they shipped in Diane and Charles Gibson to be co-anchors.

Lately, the ratings have been terrible. It's starting to dawn on these jokers in charge over there that the CBS Evening News is on the rise, and that they better be ready to deal with Katie Couric as competition at 6:30. Even if they don't sign Couric, CBS News is in good shape. Bob Schieffer has done a creditable, capable job as the anchor, and has given that newscast credibility and stability. He's now celebrating a full year as the permanent-substitute replacement anchor of the CBS Evening News. Moreover, that broadcast has become a showcase for the correspondents- they're the real stars of that show. So they can take their time at CBS News looking for the right star anchor to replace Schieffer long-term. That's a much better position to be in than the on-air chaos at ABC News.

Bottom line is they need a star anchor over at ABC News to take on CBS and NBC, and Diane Sawyer fits the bill. Anyway we'll see if this happens or not.


In other TV news news, the WB 49 in Buffalo has shut down its local newscast at 10PM, effective the end of the month. The station is run by the Sinclair group and carries the News Central national feed from Baltimore as part of its broadcast. But there have been recent troubles for the entire News Central operation; Sinclair has been shutting down local newscasts in droves all over the United States recently due to poor ratings, and Buffalo is the latest closure. Not good news for the local news business. It's too bad. I'll miss seeing Kelly Kraft and crew doing the news over at the WB49, but this news is no surprise at all, unfortunately.

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