Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Well, here's big news from the blog world: Dealbreaker, the new much-anticipated Wall Street gossip blog from Elizabeth Spiers (of Mediabistro fame), is now up and running.

Should be must-reading for people fascinated by Wall Street, money, and so on. Should be a big hit with folks like myself: I already watch too many Apprentice episodes and too many financial news shows on TV. So this is right up my alley. There's links on the Dealbreaker web site to Squawk Blog and some of these other popular financial blog sites. I hope they're interesting to read, for a change!

If there's one thing that's needed it's some good blogs from the world of business and finance; this is one area where there is a dearth of quality blogs. Maybe people in finance are too happy with their jobs to want to rant in print about how bad they are; or maybe they simply can't write, period! Actually, there's no excuse for this lack of interesting business blogs. There's a lot of great writing out there about the business world, like the stuff Michael Lewis and Po Bronson churn out. But few blogs about finance. Maybe this will start a new trend.

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