Friday, March 10, 2006


Hung jury according to most of them, including Tom Shales.

I'm having a tough time watching this show. I'm finding it hard to follow for some reason. They waste their time on the back-stories, as Shales mentions, but even the front-stories are not very good. The cases these prosecutors are stuck with are real downers, and the rookie mistakes these prosecutors make are nothing short of embarrassing. You have to wonder where the D.A.'s office got these people. Off the street?!

Moreover, it's pretty obvious these prosecutors have nothing in the way of love lives. Their love lives are going as badly as their professional lives at the moment. It's dismal! The headline at the Wall Street Journal blog is Add a Few More Lonely Lawyers to Your Week. I predict this series is going to set back recruitment for D.A.'s offices all over the United States.

This show has a shot at being good, but the kinks need to be worked out. That's my own, uh, verdict. Incidentally, this show goes up against Law and Order here in Canada on CTV. Law and Order got moved to Fridays to make room for American Idol, Lost and CSI:NY on Wednesdays over on CTV. You think Dick Wolf is pleased?!

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