Monday, March 27, 2006


Since I'm in the mood to rant about TV, tonight, Tara Ariano (Television Without Pity) ranted in the National Post about how the CRTC keeps out all these American channels like American Bravo.

The main complaint is that channels like American Bravo run good shows like Project Runway, but the Canadian cable channels don't bother running these shows until weeks later so Canadian viewers miss out on all the fun. There is nothing new about these complaints, these complaints have been around for a long time about how the CRTC keeps all these American stations out, just so the Canadian channels are protected. Well, what good is protecting these Canadian channels if they won't run these American shows on time, or are too lazy to run good American shows?!

There are so many American channels that aren't allowed in the country that it's INSANE. For instance, in addition to American Bravo, we don't get access to HBO, Showtime, ESPN, USA Network, TNT, the History Channel, Nickelodeon, any number of them. We get the Comedy Network instead of Comedy Central, and we don't even get to see all of Comedy Central's shows. Same for Teletoon instead of the Cartoon Network, and Star! TV instead of E!.

My main complaint about these American channels being shut out of the country is the fact that we don't get to see OLN NHL games in this country, or we only see TNT's NBA games, every---- so often. We don't even get the Fox Sports Net shows like The Best Damn Sports Show, Period! American cable TV is so much better than Canadian cable TV that it's a joke.

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