Thursday, March 30, 2006


I am finished working on yet another by-election campaign and I am happy to report that my win/loss record is improving. Lesse, this is what, three wins now versus, I dunno, I quit counting all the losses.

The food at Christine Elliott's victory bash was very good. Polish food, I was told. The mark of a great campaign is great food. As I say, a sure sign of doom is when the campaign food is all pizza and beer. Same for fried chicken and other low-class food.

All the bigshots were there, John Tory was there, Jim Flaherty was there. Jim Flaherty had to be there, he's Christine Elliott's husband.

All in all the Tories took 2 of 3 byelections and the Liberals were totally shut out. What is Ben Chin to do now? Go back to TV? Wonder if that job at Global is still open.

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