Monday, March 27, 2006


There are lots of Canadians working in TV news in the USA and I have news on one of them.

Tiffany Burns was the weekend anchor at WOIO 19 and sister station WUAB 43 in Cleveland. (WUAB can be seen pretty easily in London, Ontario on cable and I've been able to get their signal from Toronto by rabbit ears from time to time.) Cleveland's a pretty good local TV market, people like Gretchen Carlson have worked there and gone on to the network.

Vancouver native Burns got her start in TV in Toronto, anchoring on CP24 for a while before moving to Cleveland. Anyway, she's quit. She's gone home to Vancouver to work on a "personal project".

I wonder if maybe immigration has something to do with this. I know that certain visas for Canadian broadcasters working in the USA are temporary ones which expire after a period of time; then you have to go home. Who knows.

And I have no idea whether Katie Couric is quitting the Today Show or not to go to CBS, the speculating continues. I'll keep you posted.

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