Friday, March 24, 2006


Thought I'd pass along this Lee Goldberg blurb that mentioned FOX had picked Bones up again, but that the future looks grim for Heist, The Evidence, and Conviction. That's too bad, I was beginning to like that last show. I also liked the promos for Heist, but I didn't watch the show. They're rerunning it tonight, but then there's NCAA basketball on the other channel, so nobody is going to watch. Shows you how tough it is to get a hit show on TV.

By the way, I read that on the strength of their NCAA hoops ratings CBS won the week last week for the first time in, well, weeks. They also have a new hit in old Christine, who is beating Donald Trump on Monday nights over on NBC. NBC has got to do something about that Apprentice show, get it the heck out of that time slot. It crashed into fourth place on Monday, doing worse than even the cheap junk over on ABC! That show cannot expect to survive with crummy numbers like that for very long, regardless of how much money they get from these product placements. Maybe NBC will move it back to Thursdays as soon as the network gets up the courage to cancel that lame Joey show. They have to do something fast. The Apprentice is getting killed.

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