Friday, March 10, 2006


In my continuing futile attempt to find web sites of TV anchors and reporters, here's a fan site for CNBC financial goddess Becky Quick.

In other news, I notice the CNBC fans on these boards out there are moaning about all the people leaving CNBC in recent months, like Ted David (to CNBC radio) and now Ron Insana. I don't know about you, but this is terrible! The CNBC fans want the CNBC veterans to stick around, but they aren't. They should have opened up their wallets to find a way to keep Ron Insana full-time at CNBC, but Insana wants to start his own financial newsletter business and get rich. Well, the USA is a free-market economy, he might as well get rich! But the fans don't like it; they think CNBC is going the way of the, uh, Toronto Maple Leafs.

I also read somewhere that big CNN protectionist Lou Dobbs is claiming victory for getting the UAE ports deal scuttled. It sure does look bad for optics when you try to hand your US ports over to the Arabs, especially with all this hostility and this War on Terror going on. Sort of defeats the whole purpose of it all, doesn't it? (I know I know, the UAE is an ally etc. etc.)

Financial reporters have all the fun these days.

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