Tuesday, March 28, 2006


It's official- that rumored fourth season on Showtime isn't going to happen. Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz walked away from the negotiations so the show, already given the boot by Fox due to low ratings, doesn't get rescued by another network.

I read the sites for these dedicated TV fans and they are having a hard time these days. Why is it that the quality shows these fans all go ape over, shows like Arrested, Veronica Mars et. al., get such crummy numbers while utter tripe like Desperate Housewives does so well? Beats me. Housewives is getting grilled by its fans for its lousy storylines this season, but people are still tuning in. People are tuning in to junk like American Idol. That show had a bad night tonight, the singers were getting roasted all night. Randy Jackson was in a particularly foul mood.

Even Supernanny does better. Makes no sense to me, either.

If good shows that the TV fans tune in to keep getting cancelled, there will be no one left to watch TV except the boring people in middle America, and it seems these networks care more about those folks than the dedicated TV fans! Anyway, Arrested Development's done. Buy it on DVD, chumps.

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