Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The fans of AMAZING RACE are happy today, their favorite show is back to normal with teams of 2 and trips to exotic locations around the world again. Last night they raced off to crowded Sao Paulo, Brazil, and later this season they'll be headed to places like Moscow, Russia. I wonder how these folks are going to be able to handle Cryllic letters of the alphabet! Looks like this show has learned its lessons from last season's lousy run and are giving the fans what they want. Way to go. The Emmy is in the bag.

In other news the viewers are well on their way to firing Donald Trump, as his Apprentice show finished fourth in its time slot. Beating it was Two and a Half Men on CBS, 24 on Fox, and The Bachelor on ABC. Martha Stewart used to finish fourth in her time slot all the time.

And to be quite honest, this series is getting really stale, we all know how the Donald is going to react. It sure looks like these candidates are a bunch of idiots, they went and made the same stupid mistakes on the job and in the boardroom! You ought to know by now that if you go into that boardroom you need to sit in there and shut up and get berated by the Donald, otherwise you'll be fired for sure. Especially if he's busy berating someone else, you have to shut up and let him do it, or you'll become a target. They need to watch TV more often, these people.


The Bachelor finale was a sad affair. I read the fan boards and the fans feel let down, again. They don't see what Dr. Travis sees in Sarah. They don't see chemistry, they don't see passion! They wanted a big, fat, passion-filled romance at the end of it all, but you've only seen that happen only a couple of times on this series, and those were the only relationships that lasted any length of time from this show! Most of these hookups ended in breakups! Personally, I think you need these sorts of things in a relationship, things like passion and romance. Otherwise, what point is there to being married?!

He didn't even propose marriage to Sarah, this guy! Travis just gave her some goofy bracelet. Anyway, the audience is ticked off.

Then again, maybe the problem was that everyone in the audience was falling in love with Moana. It hurt seeing Moana cry in the limo, because I think she was really falling in love with this joker. This show took Moana's heart and fed it to the cat.

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