Thursday, February 09, 2006


Who cares about Canadian politics today. The top story in Canada is this gambling ring that involves Phoenix Coyotes' assistant coach Rick Tocchet, that apparently Janet Gretzky got caught up in.

And Wayne Gretzky knows about this ring which supposedly bet on football games and other sporting events, and has links to organized crime. He was wire-tapped discussing this ring with Tocchet, because he wants nothing to do with it and doesn't want Janet in trouble over it! Well, this is big trouble, folks. The last thing Gretzky needs, even if he himself didn't place any bets, is for his family to be wrapped up in this thing and investigated. Yikes.

This is not good news for hockey fans. My concern is possible disruption to the 2006 Canadian national hockey team heading to Turin, Italy. And it's another black eye for this sport and for all sports. Hockey is still attempting to recover from the beating it took last year from the big season cancellation. The Winter Olympics are the prime showcase for hockey, particularly in the United States. If we have people talking about gambling rings and saying bad things about the sport of hockey at a time when it's supposed to be showcased, this sport is going to have a very hard time getting itself back off the canvas.

And more and more, the sport of hockey is acting more and more like baseball, what with all these gambling allegations and these strikes and lockouts. Just tonight, Habs' star Jose Theodore got suspended for using a banned substance! So much for Canada's "official" sport. It used to be people in Canada were attracted to hockey because this was "our game" and these were "our boys", as if these players were a cut above the drug addicts, criminals and jerks who populate all the other sports.

Well, if they are a cut above, more of these players had better start acting like it. Because these scandals give all hockey players a bad name.

UPDATE: Guess what, this was the top story from both Lloyd Robertson and Peter Mansbridge tonight on the news! Who cares about politics!!!!

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