Monday, February 20, 2006


If I were CTV I'd be worried about all the money I spent to get the rights to the Olympic Games. Millions upon millions of dollars spent on the games in Vancouver and London.

Apparently CBC, still stuck with the rights to this year's Olympics and the next one, too, is missing the targets it promised advertisers. It promised something like 1.7 million viewers and it's only delivering 1.4 mil. A combination of Euro time zones, competition from the Internet and elsewhere, and stiff TV competition from American Idol is largely to blame. American Idol is beating the Olympics every night, to the amusement of the media who can't believe that a show this bad can be so popular.

NBC has the same problems the CBC has to face right now, and Ken Levine says it all in his blog:

I wonder if NBC would’ve paid its four trillion dollars and sacrificed having the NFL for years if it knew the Olympics would finish behind both SURVIVOR and DANCING WITH THE STARS? But it does kick VERONICA MARS ass.

I simply think nonstop figure skating coverage doesn't cut it with the public anymore; otherwise, they'll just watch reality crap, which is equally as phony in the eyes of the public. There's all these phony skating shows with celebrities on FOX and phony dance competitions over on ABC, and the dumbbells at home can't tell the difference.

There's also the competition from thje phony reality hookup shows. Tonight, over on ABC, people will tune in to see Moana try and get her man on The Bachelor. I think this is the night when all the women show up to tell all to Chris Harrison and bitch about the show and how badly they got edited. Of course, the appeal of The Bachelor is the fact that this show is a train wreck in progress. That's why I watch it! The contestants are mainly phony actress wannabes, and some of them are complete freaks and borderline psychotics. The guys on The Bachelorette are even worse. The families of these contestants are a piece of work, and so many of the relationships end in breakups! Last year, the Bachelorette rejected both her suitors on national television and went home! You never know what will happen, it really is so bad it's good.

Bottom line is that this is more bad news for the Olympic telecasts and their ratings. People would rather tune into some phony reality show, watching people catfight and whine and complain, than watch a real live sporting event where real athletes get medals. I guess people could tune in the Olympics to watch people wipe out, but that happens every week on The Bachelor when these women get dumped. If you want to see a sure wipeout, you're better off watching reality TV. No wonder Olympic ratings are so bad.


The ratings are bound to get worse for the CBC if Canada's national hockey team doesn't get any better on the ice. The Men's Team lost again to Finland, 2-0. That's two games in a row in which "our boys" failed to put the puck in the net.

The latest excuse is that the team knows these games don't count; it's not the medal round, so these are just glorified exhibition games to them. They'll simply show up during the medal round, when it counts. Sure. But everyone else is in the same freaking boat, they all have to play these crappy teams from Italy and Kazakhstan, too.

But I believe Kelly Hrudey's comments on CBC the other day about how these guys are playing as a bunch of individuals, not as a team. And a lot of these guys are being roasted for not seeming to care. Too many of the players have issues outside the Olympic Games that are quite frankly more important. But the main problem facing this team is that they're getting stonewalled by The Trap. I thought The Trap had been outlawed: I guess not. I forgot, this isn't the NHL, it's the Olympics.

Anyway, the men's hockey squad are all bums unless they prove otherwise. If they don't win gold the Olympics will be considered a failure by Canadians. That';s just the way it is in this country.

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