Thursday, February 09, 2006


Well, just two brief items about ex-lawyers who fled to go work in TV news.

Kimberly Guilfoyle has moved to Fox News Channel and will be hosting The Lineup starting this weekend. All the details here. She used to be at Court TV and before that was the First Lady of San Francisco. She has since been linked romantically in print to everyone from Bill Hemmer to Dan Abrams. (Interesting that Hemmer is now at Fox News as well.) She will also be doing legal analyst-type work for the network which, as Greta Van Susteren once stated, isn't considered a real job. Anyway, that's the news on Ms. Guilfoyle, hardened newswoman. Strange to see her at Fox News, I thought she was a big liberal.

In other, more sad news, Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer are now sharing the anchor desk with Elizabeth Vargas at World News Tonight while Bob Woodruff recuperates- and from what I gather Woodruff is still in bad shape. He's still under sedation and won't be back at any anchor desk for at least several months. ABC News is also putting a lid on the Bob Woodruff stories--- presumably until they have something new to report. What a depressing situation.

More news about lawyers in TV news later.

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