Sunday, February 12, 2006


Well, the Winter Olympics are on and now we're getting all the usual stories bashing NBC again.

You know, there must be a bunch of stock stories these reporters have prepared months in advance, bashing NBC's Olympic coverage. Either they can't stand Bob Costas or Katie Couric, or they're bashing the continual non-live nature of the telecasts in prime time. They love to bash the rah-rah cheering of the Americans and the over-the-top, emotional tone of the coverage, and I can't say I blame them.

These are all legitimate criticisms of NBC's generally second-rate coverage of the Olympics. But I think it goes a little too far when critics like this guy criticize the excessive Olympic coverage.... for wiping our their favorite prime-time shows like Fear Factor and Las Vegas.

So you don't like the Olympics wiping out your favorite shows. Come on. This guy is obviously not a sports fan. You can criticize NBC all you want for its coverage, but don't criticize them for excess. This is the Olympic Games, Dog freaking gonnit!!! The networks should be covering it wall-to-wall, and LIVE, too! The last thing I want to see on NBC during the Olympic Games is Will and Grace reruns or My Name is Earl, or Crossing Jordan, or any of that nonsense. You can wait a couple of weeks to see this stuff after the Olympics are over.

The fact that we're getting wall-to-wall Olympic coverage is something us NFL fans ought to rejoice! This is typically the worst part of the sports year, the black hole between football season and baseball season. Wall-to-wall Olympics is exactly what sports fans want to see, especially for the next two weeks! It'll keep us going until March Madness, or until NASCAR comes back. It'll prevent sports fans from going completely crazy. So the more Olympic coverage, the better. I want to see Olympic coverage!

But yes, wall-to-wall figure skating can be a bit tiresome. They have to show more hockey games.

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