Wednesday, February 01, 2006


You know, in TV news lots of reporters get famous for doing one big story. Arthur Kent gets famous for dodging skud missiles. Christiane Amanpour gets famous for dodging bullets in Yugoslavia. Anderson Cooper gets famous for covering hurricanes. Jim Moret gets famous for covering the OJ trial. Diane Dimond gets famous for covering Jacko.

So here's Elizabeth Vargas in her dream anchor job at ABC News--- and what story is she famous for these days?

Why, what else--- updating the world on the condition of her co-anchor Bob Woodruff every night on the evening news. Talk about embarrassing.

Last night during the State of the Union special she informed the world that Woodruff was now back in the USA recuperating from his injuries suffered in Iraq. It's basically all Woodruff all week.

In a further slap in the face, ABC News is going to have Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson show up to help her on World News Tonight while Woodruff is recovering, because supposedly she can't carry a newscast all by herself. Well, ABC, why did you hire Vargas to anchor the news to begin with?! These moves, and her live continuing coverage of Bob Woodruff every night make Vargas look like some second-rate local anchorwoman; she deserves better than that.

Anyway, it sucks to be Elizabeth Vargas today. Her contemporaries are out making names for themselves covering hurricanes and Tsunamis, yet here she is stuck behind an anchor desk covering Bob Woodruff.

You know, it's sad what's happened to Woodruff but it looks like he's going to eventually recover from this. I just don't want to be bombarded ever night with stories on Woodruff's health from Elizabeth Vargas for a while- until he comes back. Enough is enough. The journalist is getting to be too big of a story here. I don't want to see any more Bob Woodruff sob stories for a while.

And speaking of sob stories, a fed-up John Roberts, likely insulted at being passed over for the CBS anchor job in favor of substitute host Bob Schieffer and the not-even-hired-yet reviled tabloid artist Katie Couric, has quit CBS in disgust to go to CNN as a senior national correspondent.

(And you wonder why guys say no to careers in TV news. Is it any wonder, eh?!)

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