Tuesday, February 14, 2006


It's days like yesterday that make me wish I was back doing sports on TV in Mississauga. Well, maybe not. I might have had to bury the Wayne Gretzky press conference story in favor of Brampton Battalion highlights.

Did you hear what happened?! Gretzky has this five minute press conference at the arena in Mississauga and the whole national media shows up, and TSN is there, and Citytv and also CBC News, and everyone is there, and he wants to talk about the Olympics but there he is answering gambling questions for five minutes! And he's telling the media there's no story! Finally some guy asked him about the story in the Las Vegas paper about how the Gretzkys dropped 2 million in Vegas casinos and that was enough for the the PR guy, he said okay that's it! End of press conference.

Now he's off to Italy. He must be going thank G. Get away from these vultures.

People are commenting about the Gretzky gambling stories and getting fed up that he won't answer questions directly. I think part of it is that he doesn't know the full extent of this. I also notice some of these Canadian reporters think we should lay off Gretzky and support our boys in Torino! Who cares if crimes were committed, we've got to support our team!!! But you know what, these questions need to be asked. The issue of gambling is a big concern for people in sports. It goes to the integrity of the game. We can't have people fixing NHL games. Pete Rose got thrown out of baseball because he bet on games. That's why these questions have to be asked: so that this game of hockey stays honest.

I don't think anyone is suggesting that Wayne Gretzky is a bad guy who actually bet on hockey games or any of that. But people do need to hear the truth and the full story from him about what he knows, so that we know who's involved and who isn't involved! So that we know that the integrity of the sport hasn't been tampered with! That is what the story is here, whether Gretzky says so or not.

People do need to hear some direct answers from him about the extent of what he knows about this scandal. And that means answering the tough questions! The media cannot be expected to be satisfied when Gretzky says there is no story, or when press conferences get cut off after five minutes because of gambling questions.

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