Sunday, February 12, 2006


The heck is in the drinking water in Ottawa?! It seems the moment people get sworn in there they totally lose their senses.

This should have been a glorious week to be a Conservative, but they flushed it down the drain with this David Emerson floor-crossing nonsense and these questionable cabinet appointments. They didn't need to put Emerson or Michael Fortier in the cabinet, they didn't need to give these cities any representation! They would have been better off if they didn't give these cities ANY representation in cabinet, given the controversy of this week. Harper should have simply said "too bad, but those are the breaks." But then they went ahead with this business of trying to be pragmatic and represent the whole country and so on and so forth.

There is a legitimate case to be made for doing this, too. What's wrong with giving these cities representation in cabinet? NOTHING! The Harper gang should have made that their main message and made no apologies for reaching out to these cities. They should have come out and admitted that these appointments represented a big compromise of their principles on their part, but they were doing it for the greater good of the country! They should have made it clear that they would prefer to put people in Cabinet who are actually elected, but they did this to ensure that the people of these major cities were given a voice in Cabinet in a minority government, because then the government would be responsive to peoples' concerns and that was what accountable government was all about. Then they should have soothed concerns about ethics and accountability by moving quickly with their ethics plans and senate reform.

David Emerson could have held a big press conference where he could have trashed the federal Liberals and all their corruption and stealing and how he couldn't in good conscience be associated with that group of people anymore, and then explained in detail why his move was good for British Columbia. He could have said he did this to ensure mainstream British Columbians were represented. That could have shut a lot of people up.

See, this is why these people need a guy like me advising them on things like communications. This could have been handled a lot better than it was, the message could have been delivered in a much stronger manner. They should have gone on offence, this government. Instead, we see the sight of cabinet ministers ducking reporters and we see Garth Turner, M.P., being treated as a leper in his own party. Harper could have at least thrown these critics a bone, on something. They could have promised senate elections this year or something. But they didn't, so now these MPs are spouting off and embarrassing the party. This is making the government look like control freaks who want to silence their own MPs.

What really bugs me is that the opposition is now rubbing their hands with glee about all this nonsense in Ottawa. The stories are out there now that the Liberals can't wait to defeat this government and force yet another election on the people of Canada. You see Liberals in Vancouver-Kingsway picketing Emerson and demanding he be recalled (even though there's no federal law for recall). The Liberals are all calling this treachery.


But wait: where were these Liberals last year?

Why, they were cheering this floor-jumping on! They didn't have a problem when Belinda jumped ship, or with these offers being floated in front of Gurmant Grewal or these other people to lure them over! They didn't care about senate reform or accountability; these Liberals were busy appointing unelected people like Stephane Dion to cabinet for years, and nobody in that party thought twice about it! These voters in Vancouver-Kingsway knew full well that this was the sort of thing they were endorsing when they were voting Liberal. They were all okay with voting for a party that regularly poached other parties and appointed people all the time.

Now they're all of a sudden upset because it's their party that's gotten poached. What hypocrites! They're just upset because it's happened to them, for a change.

To top it all off we see stories of these Liberals getting ready to support the Belinda or Scott Brison leadership campaigns, or Dipper floor-crosser Bob Rae, or parachute-jumper Michael Ignatieff and appointed candidate Ken Dryden, and all these other hacks whose democratic credentials and Liberal credenitals are lacking. Crossing the floor or getting yourself appointed or parachuted into a seat is seen as a mark of real leadership by these rank-and-file Liberals these days. Yet they say they now have a problem with what the Tories are doing. What garbage. These Liberals are total hypocrites.

And same with the NDP who kept propping up the Liberals even after Belinda jumped. Everyone in freaking Ottawa is a freaking hypocrite, in every political party. It's a disgrace. It's sad the Conservative government is doing the same, but they figure they might as well keep up with the opposition parties because that's what pragmatic politics is all about. Since when have we become the @#$% Liberals?! And for that matter, since when have the Liberals become the @#$% Conservatives?!

I think the thing that worries rank and file Conservatives is that these controversial cabinet appointments are so bad for optics that they might get the government defeated before they get their real accountability proposals adopted, and that will put the filthy Liberals right back in again to run the country into the ground for the next twenty years and steal the public's money. Then we'll never get any changes in Ottawa! Personally, I think the Tories need to do damage control and send Emerson back to the people in a by-election- at least it will show the government cares about things such as accountability.

And guys like Garth Turner need to shut up. If Conservatives don't stop tearing each other apart, Canada will be back living under Liberal rule in no time. And we'll have no one to blame but ourselves.

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