Friday, February 17, 2006


Found out that Eddie Hayes, bigshot New York attorney and frequent contributor to Court TV, has a new book out, called Mouthpiece. NY Observer has a book review about it here. This is one book I'd like to try and get a hold of. Of course, I have a couple of these bios of these other bigshot trial attorneys and it sounds like a hard life for some of them. Rikki Klieman said being a trial lawyer almost killed her. Hayes has had a motley crew for clients- gangsters, etcetera- but he's managed to get rich from his practice and has lots of society friends, a really charmed life. Which is weird because I keep hearing how there's no money to be made at criminal law, the money is all in PI.

I guess I'm still interested in the criminal justice system after all this time. Especially tonight; I'm watching Law and Order again. I'm just a crime show junkie.

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