Sunday, February 26, 2006


As a confirmed Law and Order addict, I should mention that this Friday at 10 PM EST Conviction airs on NBC, and also on Global. It's the latest attempt by Dick Wolf to get a hit after a recent string of flops, particularly Law and Order: Trial by Jury. This new series is about young prosecutors in the D.A.'s office. Here's a Newsweek story about it.

Oh yeah, and if you can't wait until Friday this new show is available on iTunes for free. Conviction figures to generate a lot of buzz that way, plus they're banking on all the promotion by NBC during the Olympics. That's why networks get the rights to the Olympic Games; they know people will tune in, so they can lure you to watch Conviction and the rest of their shows when they come back.

That Newsweek article, by the way, goes on about the Law and Order franchise in general and about Dick Wolf's desire to see this show break Gunsmoke's record, etcetera. There's supposed to be another big cast change coming next season.

And I was wrong speculating that the reason The Apprentice moved to Monday was to maybe avoid Dancing with the Stars, because the finale for that show was TONIGHT. I just happened to see the ending; Drew Lachey won. So the question I have now is: why the heck did these NBC guys move this Apprentice show?! I don't see how it can do well against 24 on Mondays. Who knows.

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