Monday, February 13, 2006


Found out reading on the blogosphere that the CBC cancelled three shows: comedy The Tournament, the legal drama This Is Wonderland, and the new drama Da Vinci's City Hall.

And I'm afraid they don't have government funding cuts to blame for these cancellations, either, just a lack of ratings.

I don't have much of an opinion of these shows because I only watch CBC for the politics and the sports these days. And I think that's part of the problem over there. The last time I ever regularly got my entertainment fix from the CBC was, oh, years ago. Whenever Wayne and Shuster were still on, about that time. Early 80s. About the last entertainment hit show I ever watched on the CBC was The Kids in the Hall. That was about it.

As I have said before: it seems the CBC has gotten out of the business of showing programs that are actually hits. There's no reason for these Canadian-made TV shows like Degrassi and Corner Gas and Canadian Idol to NOT be on the main CBC network--- but there they are over on CTV and kicking CBC's rear end.

Now the CBC is showing wall-to-wall Winter Olympics coverage and even though this kind of thing is something the CBC is supremely good at, the fact is that this is another piece of hit programming that the CBC is soon not going to have. CTV is going to have the rights to the Olympics in a few years, too. I think the new rule is: if it's a hit CBC program the CTV network will steal it. Anyway, this is bad news for the CBC. About the only decent entertainment shows they have left are their comedy shows and people hardly watch that anymore, either.

The CBC needs to do a better job spending its taxpayer-funds on program development. This can't go on. We can't have the CBC being the home of the flops all the time, taxpayers aren't getting the bang for their buck.

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