Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Well, no one in Canada cares about any of those other sports we did so well in today at the Olympic Games, because in Canada's official sport we LOST, 2-0 to Russia!

So we can start the government inquiries and the hearings and so on, and start investigating why we can't win at our own sport; the Olympics are officially a failure for Canada because we lost at men's hockey.

Many are blaming Todd Bertuzzi for being a bum at this tournament. People are saying they picked the wrong players for this team. I blame the whole offence for not scoring any goals again today. If I were them I'd spend a few days in Italy in hiding.

Anyway, it served this team right. People here in Canada were so arrogant, thinking Canada was going to cream everyone again. I just don't think people took these games seriously enough. The fact that we lost to the Swiss!!!!! says it all. And the fans are in shock, they're calling in the radio shows to voice their disbelief and expert analysis. It's a national crisis. This has to be the worst men's hockey showing Canada has had at the Games in, well, years.

As for the CBC and all their guarantees that they made to advertisers about how big their audience numbers were going to be, well, I guess they can forget about viewers now. Nobody cares anymore about the Olympic Games or hockey, or any of the teams remaining. Don Cherry was on CBC tonight and he's telling viewers he wouldn't even bother tuning in Friday for the semifinals. His reaction sums it right up.

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