Thursday, February 09, 2006


In addition to all the other changes with the NFL coverage, Bonnie Bernstein has left CBS Sports. Why? I have no idea. I read that CBS was phasing out sideline reporters, but Bernstein says she left CBS Sports of her own accord, that she was definitely not "fired" as some people have suggested, and that she just outgrew sideline reporting. She had signed a four-year contract just in the past year or so, too--- just like Al Michaels did with ABC/ESPN. I didn't realize how easy it was for people to simply tear up contracts in TV sports. Anyway, I dunno what the heck is going on with Bonnie Bernstein. Maybe she's going to NBC, too.

She has some consulting/tape critiquing service going now for aspiring sportscasters but she's charging an arm and a leg for it, over a thousand bucks. There's a need for a service like that, but there's no way I would pay the kind of money she's charging. I don't care if she's Bonnie Bernstein! I could probably just take my tapes to Elliotte Friedman or somebody like that, and they can yell at me about what I'm doing wrong for free. I think you're better off just getting on the air, anywhere, and finding out for yourself what works. Besides, the good advice you get may turn out to be useless anyway. I read that when he was just starting at some small station in California, Craig Kilborn meditated or something during his sportscast. He meditated on the air, and he eventually got hired at ESPN. I wonder what Bonnie Bernstein would say about that. She'd probably say don't do it, and frankly, so would I! But these hiring people went and hired him anyway. So the bottom line is that if you want to be a sportscaster you're better off practising your on-air meditation skills. Or something.

So, first Jill Arrington leaves, now this. We're losing all the great sideline reporters! It's too bad, I really liked Bernstein on CBS. She seemed to carry herself with a lot of class, sort of a younger Lesley Visser. And she's never been in the same "hot babe" territory of other, more notorious sideline reporters (Lisa Guerrero). She's basically your girl next door. Bernstein would be the perfect catch for this Bachelor guy who's looking for a wife right now over on ABC- she knows football, and you can take her home to mom and not be embarrassed.

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