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Well, I want to once again welcome all of you friends and relatives to THE CAIRNS BLOG, with readership in the 0s. I ought to do something about my crummy web site to get some more traffic so I can get rich. The people at Blogger keep on saying you can make money and get rich with your blog sites. Well, I sure ain't! The last time I had advertising on here, the traffic was so low that Google was running public service announcements to save the wildlife and things like that. So I took them down.

It's my fault. All I need to do, really, is join the Blogging Tories and my traffic will go through the roof. But the problem is that my blog doesn't talk about politics all the time, it's more about media and TV these days. My main worry is that by joining the Blogging Tories I'd be turning this blog into a partisan-hack website, when I really don't feel like being a partisan hack all the time. There's more to life than sitting in front of a computer, bashing the Liberals.

Besides, I spent the entire last federal election using THE CAIRNS BLOG to bash the Liberals, and it got me no buzz whatsoever. Instead, the National Post and the Globe and these other places monitoring the "blog beat" were talking about what the bigshot bloggers like Angry in the Great White North, Political Staples and Captain's Quarters had to say. No one cared about the rest of us bloggers who aren't part of the blogging "establishment". It's fair to say that political blogging is a crowded field with a big pecking order. There are just too many of these fools. Arguably I run a better blog than imposters like Jason Cherniak who waste their time with their own boring partisan rants; but that doesn't make my own site a hit or necessarily any good.

What I ought to do is go a different direction with this blog if I'm serious about making money. I could turn this thing into a TV news blog; I write about that all the time. I could turn it into a screenwriting blog, too, I guess, but there's only one problem; I'm not a screenwriter. Maybe I should try adding photos to the site, that would drive traffic up. Anyway, bottom line is I'm not getting rich off my blog.


Some people are, though, like these people. Noticed that some of these people, like Rachel Sklar, Melissa Lafsky etcetera- are getting famous thanks to their blogs. Not coincidentally, these latter two- not to mention female-impersonator David Lat, now at Wonkette- are ex-lawyers. Think about it.

I think the way to make it big in blogging is you need to go to one of these blog sites like Gawker or FishBowlNY or somewhere like that, get on there as a blogger, then quit and start your own blog and get rich from all the name recognition from your previous work. You can get famous and keep all your dough, meanwhile your previous blog site goes straight to hell without you and winds up belly-up. Look at Ana Marie Cox; she left Wonkette, sort of. Now she has her own blog and a book deal, too, and still writes the occasional post for Wonkette.

Another option is to keep working at a big law firm or somewhere and blog about it incognito. That's bound to work, because people will want to read your blog to find out if you get "outed." People will want to see whether your bosses will freak out and fire you for writing incendiary things about them and their profession. That's why Opinionistas made it so big. Melissa Lafsky finally couldn't go on like this and finally quit and outed herself, and now is trying to cash in on her fame. Problem is, what point is there to reading her rants now? She's outed herself, she quit her job! Takes the fun right out of reading her blog- you're no longer guessing who she is or what will happen to her if the firm finds out about her.

Her assessments of the legal profession, though, are quite true. Who wants to be a lawyer in New York City these days, the hours absolutely are the worst ever. In fact, the hours are bad everywhere in the profession. If you are someone who likes the simple pleasures of life (like watching TV shows, going to movies, even going out on dates!), this is no place for you. I gotta say, it's a really sad state of affairs for the legal profession to be in when lawyers are quitting to go into blogging. That ought to send up a lot of red flags to people applying to law school. It's bad enough when these lawyers quit to become TV reporters (ie. Bob Woodruff) , or screenwriters in Hollywood (David E. Kelley), or magazine or book writers (John Grisham). But to become a full-time blogger--- now, that is sad.

Anyway, here's an excellent article from New York magazine about bloggers and blogs, and people who've struck it rich doing these things. It sort of gives you a good clue as to who is doing well in the blogging world. I'm getting some good tips on what I may want to do to be a hit blog site. All you need is for some other big mainstream blogger to say something good about your blog in print and direct traffic to your site, and you have it made. At least, that's the impression these New York magazine people give you.

If nothing else works, have those two "blogger babes" over on CNN say something about your site on The Situation Room. Your traffic is bound to go up and you'll be able to charge for ad space in no time.

Become a blogger and drive a Cadillac! Right.

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