Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Here's a hilarious story on a testy exchange of e-mails between a prospective employee at a criminal law firm and the firm's partner. The woman who had accepted the offer, a Suffolk Law grad, apparently got cold feet about accepting an offer from this criminal law firm, and sent an e-mail turning down the job, saying it wouldn't allow her to uphold her lifestyle and so on. This led to some testy e-mails between these two where she was accused of immaturity and the like, and with this senior lawyer threatening her with talk about how she couldn't afford to tick off a small legal community and the like, and she responded with an e-mail with the words "bla bla bla."

This led eventually to this e-mail being circulated around the world and eventually making its way to, well, the CAIRNS BLOG of frozen Toronto, Canada.

Anyway, I thought these two showed a real lack of class. This woman's response was really embarrassing to say the least. If you turn down a job, at least do it in person! Show some class! But then, who'd want to work for this clown anyway. He should have held his fire about blasting this woman's "immaturity" and the like. At the very least, he could have called her into his office and tried to persuade her to stay, if he was truly interested in having her work there. That's what lots of real firms do in this situation! But instead he just chose to berate this woman and tell her she was going to be frozen out of the profession. And to send this e-mail out to all of Cyberspace to see, to try and embarrass her---- what a lack of class. No wonder she quit.

Both these people could use a few lessons at the local charm school. Bla bla bla!

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