Monday, February 27, 2006


It is a huge night of reality TV tonight. Heck, it's a huge week, period. Last night was the finale for Dancing with the Stars and tonight there are two reality finales, plus two big premieres of new shows. Of course The Apprentice 5 debuts tonight and they are going to need to do something dramatic to keep up with the competition (ie. fire multiple people on the opening night) because the reality competition is STIFF.

Over on Fox is the finale for Skating with Celebrities, in which a bunch of star figure skaters compete along with B-list celebrities like Bruce Jenner and Todd Bridges. Interesting that one of the favorites in the final, the team of Lloyd Eisler and Kristy Swanson- are rumored to be having an affair! Apparently Eisler dumped his woman to run off with Kristy!!! So obviously people are going to tune in. The other thing is that Jillian Barberie is in the finals, but you know, she was actually a competitive figure skater before she went on TV.

Over on Citytv is another edition of the MuchMusic VJ Search and I gotta say, as reality shows go, this one is GOOD. I really enjoy seeing these potential VJs struggle with these stupid rules, trying to do a good job on TV. I can definitely relate to their on-air struggles. I've been there, darnet. It's hard work, being on the air, and it's hard to get good at it. All I will say is these folks need a lot of practice. Man, they suck at this. And the judges really trash these folks. Man, what a bunch of arrogant jerks these VJ judges are, all attitude and full of themselves. They think they're so great.

Then it's the BACHELOR and THE APPRENTICE 5 next, and I expect to be flipping channels between both these two. All I will say about The Bachelor is that I'm pulling for Moana, for no other reason than she is truly the black sheep of that Bachelorette pad and has faced long odds from these girls who all hate her, and from her own parents who have done nothing to endear themselves to the Bachelor, and so on and so forth. This show is setting itself up for Sarah to get the big rose, and it stinks for Moana, because she seems to have better chemistry with this guy. Personally, I think the guys at home are more likely to lust for Moana! I think most guys out there go for her air of mystery and her penchant for using her Italian-language skills in public. I think most guys love her act, if it is an act, and think she is one hot babe. But she is a babe with skeletons in the closet to be sure. The fact that people hate her so much raises a lot of red flags.

I gotta say the format of this lousy show has not worked in Moana's favor one bit, with all this meet-the-parents stuff going on. Of COURSE Sarah is going to get a big endorsement from Mom and Dad because she's this big kindergarten teacher who's so good with kids. That's what I predict will happen! You can see Sarah as the mother of your children, while Moana is--- well, the woman you'll end up running off with after you get married to Sarah! I've heard people say that you could see Moana as a potential mistress, not a wife. A potential homewrecker. Anyway, Moana's the most interesting Bachelor candidate that's come along in a long time, that's for sure. That's tonight's Bachelor finals for you.

Someone gets fired from THE APPRENTICE tonight as well, and I have ranted and raved about this show too much. This opening show had better be good. This show is getting hosed with its timeslot, as I have said over and over again. It is getting served up directly against 24, and 24 gets a lead-in from Skating with Celebrities. All the skating fans from the Olympics will tune into that, and then they'll tune into 24. Meanwhile the lead-in for the Donald is the pathetic game show Deal or No Deal with Howie Mandel.

Who set the scheduling? Someone at NBC should be fired for this.

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