Sunday, January 22, 2006


Irony of ironies, NBC has cancelled The West Wing just one day before Canada cancels The Liberals Starring Paul Martin.The most liberal White House on TV has gotten the boot.

The show has been sinking for some time, of course, with the departures of Aaron Sorkin and Martin Sheen, among others, but the big loss came a few weeks ago when John Spencer suddenly died. Whatever reason NBC had for the show to continue disappeared with the loss of his central character on the show. The show will end with the results of the presidential election between Alan Alda and Jimmy Smits.

NBC is also shuffling Law and Order to a new night and the worry I have is that Law and Order will meet the same fate as The West Wing. That show has been sinking, too. NBC really is in the tank these days. Their shows have been on too long.

Time for a change, right?

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