Sunday, January 08, 2006


It's a sure sign that your priorities are out of whack when you are watching a political show on TV instead of the football pre-game show on the other channel.

Today CTV News is yakking about about crime in Toronto again. They had Craig Oliver on TV yakking with a guy I've met and campaigned with, former councillor Rob Davis. More proof that my life is nothing more than a bad TV show.

Meanwhile I'm getting ready to go to an event hosted by Don Valley East Tory candidate Eugene McDermott, who among other things is making hay with a get-tough-on-crime platform. He's a Crown prosecutor in Toronto who's faced gang leaders down in court, so obviously he is absolutely on the right side of the crime issue in this election given all the violence of the last few weeks on the streets.

I get a laugh reading the rants by the CBC and by opposition leaders claiming the Tories are going to raise taxes. Paul Martin is going around ranting now that the Tories will force people to return their tax break that they got last year. You know, I hope the Tories announce some more tax breaks this week, especially ones aimed a low-income Canadians, just to make these people look like they don't know what they're talking about. Martin is claiming now that Stephen Harper is going to raise income taxes in order to bring in the GST cut. What nonsense. Bottom line is the only party offering a GST cut is the Tories. Canadians have been screaming for such a cut for years; well, now's the time. The Tories need to ram home that message and shut these ranting fools up.

Tomorrow night is the start of the second debate, this time in English.

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