Thursday, January 19, 2006


Well, here's a story about two big events the Tories had in Toronto and Montreal the other day. The Conservatives held a rally at the Granite Brewery in midtown Toronto Wednesday. Candidates John Carmichael (Don Valley West) and Peter Kent (St. Paul's) were there introducing the Conservative team and Stephen Harper. Carmichael had the opportunity to introduce a UFL--- "What's a UFL? Urban Former Liberals"- and then brought up to the stage David Asper, himself an Urban Former Liberal, who said some things about the Liberals and how terrible they were before letting Kent introduce Harper. Harper gave a pretty good speech and said all the right things about new Canadians and transit and so on, but I didn't really pay too much attention. It was early in the morning when I was at the rally and I am not a morning person by nature.

Anyway, on hand there was Michael Wilson and Barbara McDougall. former Mulroney cabinet ministers. This was a real show of moderation by the Tories, to prove to the world how honest and moderate they really are. Also there was evil radical ex-Reform MP Monte Solberg. I guess he was there to let the old Reformers in Toronto know they weren't being ignored. Solberg can't be too worried about his own riding Medicine Hat.

Later in the day the Tories went to Montreal and Solberg live-blogged it on his website, bragging there was a crowd of a thousand people, for the Harper Conservatives. In Montreal.

As far as political crowds go in this country that's downright sensational. There had to be a lot of Urban Former Liberals in there: people embarrassed to associated themselves with the Liberal Party who want to vote Conservative to stop the Bloc.

And the polls keep on showing the Tories surging in Quebec while the Liberals are absolutely tanking there. I really do think Quebec is going to reduce the Liberals to complete rubble on Monday. The crowd at that rally for Harper was TELLING.

You know, forget the polls for a moment and look at all the things happening on the ground. The Conservatives are going to Montreal, to Toronto, and to all these other places where they are trying to freak out Liberals and win seats. Meanwhile the Liberals are stuck defending themselves in places like Toronto, and London, Ontario, where they already have seats. These are ridings they shouldn't even be needing to defend, really. If the Liberal campaign was really going well, they would be getting big crowds at rallies in places like Calgary! Or Medicine Hat! Monte Solberg would be doing door-to-door canvassing right now in his home riding out of fear if the shoe was on the other foot.

Incidentally, Asper's paper The National Post endorsed the Conservatives today. I guess they wanted to stick it to the Toronto Star who embarrassed themselves by supporting the Liberals again. Anyway I expect most of the newspapers in the country will support the Conservatives.


And the Liberal gaffes continue. Yesterday Buzz Hargrove stood on a stage with Paul Martin and called Stephen Harper a separatist, and said vote for the Bloc to stop Harper. Today, Saskatoon MP Maurice Vellacott is thinking of suing the local Liberals for defamation after some clod in the Liberal campaign office called in a Shaw Cable TV show and accused him on the air of committing a sexual assault on somebody!!! And Vellacott was so angry about it he found out who made the inflammatory call and in fact got it traced back to the Liberal campaign office in his riding! So Liberals in Saskatoon have been caught red-handed engaging in dirty tricks! They ought to be totally embarrassed by this now. They just made national news, in a negative way.

Talk about a new low for this campaign, folks. The campaign has hit rock bottom in Saskatoon. The name-calling and the smears are getting to be too much. In fact, it's worse than last time. I have to agree with Jack Layton: the Liberals need to go into the repair shop. The Liberals remind me of a junkie in dire need of cleaning out. They need to check themselves into rehab, these Liberals, clean themselves out, and then come back as a party with some real principles and some semblance of basic decency. They have lost any sense of decency, any sense of class.

Yet this is the same party that EKOS says is only trailing by five points. They could still get back in, these guys! Good lord, what is it going to take to get these people out of there?!

Isn't it time for a change? If not now, when, to quote the Globe and Mail?

UPDATE: Buzz Hargrove is still saying vote for the Bloc, according to Andrew Coyne. He hasn't recanted. This has got to be the Randy White moment of the 2006 campaign.

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