Sunday, January 15, 2006


Well, maybe I should have tuned into Hockey Night in Canada after all. Apparently the Conservatives were buying time for the sports broadcasts last night, according to CTV's Craig Oliver. Maybe the Liberal purchase on Hockey Day in Canada was a one-time thing. Anyway I don't see many political ads on the NFL broadcasts today. Thank G. I can watch the Patriots and the Colts lose in relative peace. Yes the Colts are losing right now, 14-3 to Pittsburgh in the third quarter. And the defending champion Patriots are out, too. I guess there's no rematch next week, then. So much for all the hype. Anyway, enough about football. Let's talk about the latest Tory attack ad.

The Tories have an ingenious new counterattack to the Liberal attack ads. Check it out here. They use actual audio from Liberals like Keith Martin and John McCallum dissing their own ads, and then the ads ask "So who approved these ads?" And then they run a clip of Paul Martin saying "look, I approved these ads!"

It ends with "let's do something positive," with the Stand Up for Canada logo again.

Sweet. This ad does three things: it makes the Liberal attack ads an issue and throws their credibility into question, they make the Liberals look dishonest, and they make the whole Liberal campaign look like it's in complete disarray. Good job this time, Tory ad guys. The Liberals have just shot themselves in the foot with their own TV attack ads.

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