Monday, January 09, 2006


I watched the big English debate and here are a few thoughts.

(1) Liked the format this time a lot more than the last, more boring debate. A lot livelier. Steve Paikin asked all the tough questions that needed to be asked as moderator to all the leaders and I thought did a great job.

(2) Found Stephen Harper's defence of his patriotism amusing. Absolutely the right thing to do on his part. Thought Harper did great.

(3) The heck is this about Paul Martin calling for a constitutional amendment to get rid of the notwithstanding clause?! Talk about desperation! The heck was he thinking, proposing to reopen the constitution of Canada on national television! And Quebec hasn't even signed on yet! I thought you needed Quebec to sign the constitution and a new amending formula for constitutional amendments to happen! It makes no sense what Martin's proposing and I can't believe he isn't going to get roasted for this. If I were the Tories I'd be going around saying Martin wants to reopen the constitution! Not a way to win an election.

(4) Gilles Duceppe is like your opinionated next door neighbour.

Anyway that's it. By the way the French debate is tomorrow and that's another golden opportunity for Paul Martin to get Quebecers mad at him.

I see that The Bachelor is on over on ABC and some crazy female doctor got rejected for talking about reproducing and her biological clock!!! That show's zaniness never ends. See, I got my priorities straight. Reality TV rules with me. If you want liveblogging of debates obviously read Warren Kinsella or some geek like that.

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