Friday, January 06, 2006


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon remains in critical condition in hospital after suffering that massive stroke two days ago.

Today, Sharon underwent several hours of surgery again to remove blood from his brain, and afterwards doctors said that Sharon's condition had improved. For now, anyway.

Meanwhile, power is in the hands of his deputy PM Ehud Olmert and the whole election process is in an uproar. Israel is supposed to go to the polls in late March and the elections are still on, Olmert is saying.

But this new centrist party that had been formed by Ariel Sharon was basically a Sharon creation and invention. With Sharon leading the party, Sharon would have likely won. But it's anyone's guess now. There really is a big question whether Olmert could win an election on his own, or whether he will end up leading the new party. And then you have the traditional Likud and Labor parties out there as well with people like Benjamin Netanyahu running again.

As for this stroke that has felled Sharon, well, all I will say is this is yet another blow to peace in the Middle East. The latest Israeli leader trying to make it work is off the scene, likely for good. And nobody wants uncertainty in this region. Anytime some wrench gets thrown into Israeli politics it's always bad news. And now the Sharon haters are coming out of the woodwork. You have these Palistinians and other Arabs cheering Sharon's stroke and telling people they hope he dies. Really nice people, these folks. Meanwhile, Jews are praying around the world for Sharon's recovery.

You almost think this whole region is CURSED when events like this happen. It's as if the man upstairs just doesn't want peace in the Middle East, that it's fated not to happen. Or something.

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